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Get RM63 off when you buy 2 Sonics USE CODE ZEN4TWO

Zenyum Sonic Subscription

Time to build a healthy new habit. Zenyum Sonic is a sonic-powered toothbrush that understands your every need. With its ultra-fast vibrations, customisable settings and long-lasting battery life, give your hands a break and give your teeth a brush they’ll love.

Not ready for Sonic? We’ve got you covered. Your Zenyum Sonic comes with a full 30 day money back promise, as well as a 1 year warranty.

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Zenyum Sonic

  • Toothbrush Body x 1
  • Wireless Charger Base x 1
MYR 279.00

+ Brush Head Refill

MYR 29.00MYR 25.00

People mostly choose 2 months.

You may cancel anytime after first refill

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How To Use

Before you begin, gently brush and floss. And make sure your whitening tray is clean and dry.

1. Unlock and load

Uncap pen. Then twist it
to load brush with
whitening gel.

2. Adding some magic

Apply gel evenly
to inner surface
of tray.

3. A perfect fit

Wear tray firmly over
teeth and wipe off
excess gel.

4. Stains be gone

Wear tray for 1 hour. Then remove, rinse mouth and
shine bright!

5. The finishing touch

Use remineralising gel
after 5 days of whitening
to reduce sensitivity.

Your Whitening Journey

Order a Starter Kit and follow these steps:

1. Book your appointment

Our Smile Cosmetics team will contact you to book an appointment with the dentist

2. Visit the dentist

Your dedicated dentist will perform a 3D scan and inform of you of the do’s and dont’s during the treatment process

3. Receive your kit

Your whitening kit is delivered to your doorstep! Delivered in just 10-14 days.

4. Smile More!

Apply and see results within 10 days!

Shine Bright with Zenyum

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Play Video

What People are Saying...

Zenyum HQ
Based on 514 reviews
Zenyum Hong Kong
Based on 64 reviews
Zenyum Singapore
Based on 175 reviews
Alex Chan
Alex Chan
03:25 28 Sep 20
Their toothbrush is amazingly powerful and it really do the cleaning for you. Really recommended as it cleans more efficiently then the normal toothbrush plus additional gentle and whitening features .
20:06 20 Sep 20
The whitening kit was simple and easy to use! And my journey with Zenyum has been really smooth from the doctor's visit to using the DIY kit at home. No hassle and it allowed my teeth whiteness rating to drop by a rating of 2.5-3 (lower the whiter) THANK YOU ZENYUM! 💙
05:47 25 Aug 20
my journey with Zenyum has been smooth, I am happy that it is much more affordable compared to traditional braces and (it did what it is supposed to do!!!) that I can easily check in with my dental consultant through the app! I also love how the company is introducing new products such as the whitening treatment and electronic toothbrush! truly striving for convenience 😁
Charlene Tan
Charlene Tan
19:01 07 Aug 20
Incredibly smooth process for getting my whitening trays - appointment made with the dentist, had my scans done and had my trays delivered to me - affordable and hassle free!
Tiffany Soh
Tiffany Soh
04:17 05 Aug 20
Pretty satisfied with my results! Had a really smooth teeth straightening journey, customer service is really friendly, helpful and quick with their replies. All their products are highly affordable and good quality; I’ve also purchased and use their teeth whitening set and sonic toothbrush :-) I rave about Zenyum to my friends all the time!
Taylor Wong
Taylor Wong
02:37 05 Aug 20
The Zenyum teeth whitening experience for me was amazing! Hassle free and seamless experience overall! The customised whitening trays were delivered to my doorstep alongside the whitening pens! The people are Zenyum are extremely helpful and they really love their own products as well!! It was a blast working with the team! Will definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a fix for their teeth!
Shannon Wong
Shannon Wong
02:37 05 Aug 20
The Zenyum teeth whitening experience for me was amazing! Hassle free and seamless experience overall! The customised whitening trays were delivered to my doorstep alongside the whitening pens! The people are Zenyum are extremely helpful and they really love their own products as well!! It was a blast working with the team! Will definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a fix for their teeth!
Nur' Amirah Kassim
Nur' Amirah Kassim
12:17 13 Jul 20
The Zenyum Sonic has 3 different modes that will cater to your needs! I personally love the white mode, which help get my teeth pearly white especially after drinking a cup of coffee! Will definitely recommend the sonic to family and friends
Kento Woo
Kento Woo
07:23 04 Jul 20
I've compared many companies and found that Zenyum is the one I preferred. Service is good and price is reasonable. Will definitely recommend my friends for this invisible bracer. I'm plan to try the Zenyum White, hopefully the result is what I want.
Vanessa Lim
Vanessa Lim
13:21 03 Jul 20
I chose Zenyum because they were affordable initially. After completing my aligners, I would definitely recommend Zenyum to my friends who need some help to fix their smile. They have the best customer service who is always responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. It is definitely a plus that they have whitening and toothbrush kits they maintain the smile. I never ever imagined that it will be so fuss free and easy! Thanks Kristofer for your great service!
Joanne Tang
Joanne Tang
18:14 19 Jun 20
Came across a lot of good reviews online about Zenyum & I wasn't disappointed at all. The whole process is really easy, quick & detailed. The prompt follow ups from the Zenyum team is really amazing! It was really a pleasant experience. I can't wait for my retainers and try out the whitening gel! Thank you Zenyum!
Next Reviews

4/5 stars based on 4 reviews

14 February 2020

Very easy and quick to apply. Didn’t experience any side effects so far! Visible improvement within a few days. Would be great if it comes with more remineralization gels

12 February 2020

I really like Zenyum White. I’ve tried several whitening products before and this is the first time I didn’t experience sensitivities. Results were visible after only two applications and it’s nice to know that a dentist and the Zenyum team are taking care of me!

9 February 2020

Customised tray was very comfortable and having my hands free allowed me to actually do my laundry while whitening my teeth. Price was also great!

Currently displaying 3 of 4 reviews

Your questions about Zenyum Bright answered

Carbamide Peroxide

Activated by water (saliva) and released gradually to whiten teeth safely.

Potassium Nitrate + Calcium Phosphate + Sodium Fluoride

Desensitises and balances pH levels in your mouth.

Mint Flavour

Gives a cool sensation and a fresh breath.

These lights might look all high-tech and fancy. But looks can be deceiving. Light activation has no whitening effect on teeth. Read more about it in our blog post here.
Tooth be told. OTC kits aren’t dentist-approved. You use them at the risk of damaging your teeth.

But Zenyum Bright is different. Treatment is prescribed by a licensed dentist who guides you on proper usage.

Plus, a scan/impression needs to be done to create your 3D-printed whitening tray. It’s customised according to your teeth to ensure a snug fit with no gel spillage.
If you already have Zenyum Invisible Braces, you can use it as your whitening tray. Order only the whitening gel and skip the dental visit.
Your check-up and scan/impression are done free of charge.

But depending on the condition of your teeth, additional procedures such as scaling and polishing might be performed with extra costs.

People that love Zenyum Bright

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20 0

I truly believe in spreading joy and smiles to everyone and made it so easy. I have used their whitening kit for the last 5 days and I enjoyed the whole process from the dental appointment to receiving the kit. Start your #SmileJourney with me now and get $55 off your whitening kit when you quote "brandon55".
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430 2

We love seeing your smiles 💙 Thanks @j0nb0n1_1 for sharing your carefree smile with us! Tap on the image to learn more about our #ZenyumWhite starter kit which can brighten your teeth in as quick as 5 days 🌠
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