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Zenyum Bright

The production and delivery of Zenyum Bright are not affected by COVID-19 measures.
Our Zenyum Bright whitening trays are made of a rubber material that makes it soft and comfortable to wear over the treatment period.

The material we use in our Whitening trays are different from the ones we use in our Invisible braces, and is much softer and more comfortable than the invisible braces due to the purpose of the tray
The Whitening and Remineralising gels are both manufactured in the USA. The customised Whitening trays are 3D-printed locally, here in Singapore.
At this moment, we only have our Whitening Gel in Mint flavour.
3 x 2mL Zenyum Whitening Pens
1 x 2mL Zenyum Desensitising Pen
1 x Zenyum Customised Whitening Tray (Upper and Lower Trays)
1 x Carrying Box for Whitening Trays
Zenyum Bright is medical-grade and is to be prescribed only by certified dentists. Your treating dentist will cusomise your whitening plan based on the condition of your teeth and gum. The concentration of whitening agent is also higher than the concentration in OTC products.

HSA has strict regulations on the concentrations of whitening agent allowed in the gels. HSA also controls the distribution channels through which Whitening products can be distributed according to the concentration. We would advise our customers to carefully check the composition and legality of online DIY whitening kit before purchasing. Improper usage of whitening products might cause irreversible damage to your enamel.
No. There is no proven evidence nor medical publication that shows the effectiveness of home LED lights in any whitening treatment. The whitening agent in Zenyum Bright will be activated by your saliva. There is no additional ‘activation catalyst’ needed at all.

The professional UV light can only be applied by certified dentists during the ‘in-clinic’ whitening treatment. Do not mix up the professional UV light equipment with home LED light you might have seen in online DIY whitening kits.
For new customers to Zenyum, it will cost $389. This price is inclusive of a consultation and scanning/impression-taking at the dentist. However, on a case by case basis, Scaling and Polishing (SAP) may be required, and this is not covered in the purchase price. On average, SAP will cost $80 and is payable directly to the clinic.

For existing Zenyum Invisible Braces customers, Zenyum Bright will cost $169. This is because existing customers will be able to use their existing aligners or retainers as their whitening tray.

Process –
Zenyum Bright

After completing your order
  • Following the completion of your order, a member of the Zenyum Smile Cosmetics team will reach out to you within the next working day on Whatsapp.
  • According to your preferences and availability, we will help you book an appointment with one of our numerous Dental Partners around the countries
During the appointment
  • Attending this appointment with the dentist is mandatory for all first-time Starter Kit buyers
  • Dentist will be checking if you are suitable to undertake the Zenyum Bright treatment and will take a 3D-scan/mold of your teeth to create your very own personalised Whitening tray for a perfect fit around your teeth.
After visiting the dentist
  • Your Zenyum Bright Starter Kit with your personalised Whitening tray will be sent directly to your home.
  • The whole process takes approximately 10-14 working days – we seek your understanding as the custom production of your personalised Whitening tray takes some time
  • Start your Zenyum Bright journey by following the steps in our “How To” video and start seeing results in just 10 days!
Zenyum’s aligners
  • Make your purchase, and we will follow up with your treating dentist on your suitability for Whitening
  • Once your dentist approves you to use Zenyum Bright, we will send your Zenyum Bright refill kit directly to your doorstep
  • Using your own aligners or retainers, you can start your Zenyum Bright journey by following the steps in our “How To” video and start seeing results in just 10 days
Other aligners
  • Go ahead and make your purchase, we have a special deal for you!
  • Bottom line is that – everyone is welcome to join the Zenyum family Check this FAQ for more information
Scaling and Polishing (SAP) is optional. However, based on the condition of your teeth, your treating dentist might recommend a cleaning session, which is a common procedure in professional dentist-led teeth whitening treatment if you have not done regular cleaning. SAP is also done to achieve a better result of the teeth whitening.

Our recommendation is to go for a session of SAP every 6 months.
For new customer, on average, it will be 7 – 14 working days after your consultation with your treating dentist.

For existing Zenyum customers, you will receive your Zenyum Bright package within 7 working days after your treating dentist confirms on your suitability based on your scan and past picture records.
On average, you should start to see results within 4-5 days. Everyone responds differently to teeth whitening treatments and some stains are easier to treat compared to other stains. Teeth that are yellow or brown are easier to whiten as compared to teeth that are grey/ blue.
After one course of Zenyum Bright, the whitening effect should last for up to 6 months – with good maintenance and proper dental hygiene.
To get longer lasting results:
  • Control use of tobacco products
  • Limit intake of coffee, tea, red wine and other coloured food or drinks. Use a straw if possible and rinse your mouth after a meal/ drink.
  • Go for regular dental check and cleaning
Unfortunately not. Only natural teeth can be whitened. Any crows or fillings will not be whitened by Zenyum Bright. If you have a crown or filling that is easily visible, you may want to speak with your treating dentist about different options to improve your smile.
The rejection rate for Zenyum Bright is generally very low. However, rejection is still possible. We highly recommend you to follow your dentist’s intstructions to ensure your safety. Your treating dentist might suggest you to fill the cavaties, cure the open would (ulcer) and other procedures before applying Zenyum Bright.

If a formal rejection is issued by your treating dentist, subject to all the recommended procedures being taken, Zenyum will provide you a full refund upon written confirmation from your treating dentist.
We are aware of the potential of sensitivity that could occur, albeit the degree of sensitivity will vary from individual to individual. Rest assured, this is nothing to be worried about and will resolve within a few days.

We’ve also included a pen of Zenyum Protect to minimise the potential sensitivity and boost enamel health. Should sensitivity persist for more than 2 days or progressively worsen, please do inform us.
During whitening treatment, you may notice white spots.White spots were there before the treatment and were just made more noticeable by the treatment. The contrast between white spots and your teeth will gradually less over the course of the treatment. Not to worry, the white spots should fade once your teeth become whiter/lighter.
No. Professional teeth whitening is safe and can be redone periodically under the supervision of your treating dentist.
Avoid hot, ice and acidic food/drinks during the whitening process Use desensitizing toothpaste; Brush and floss your teeth gently Avoid placing too much gel onto the tray; it may cause spill-over onto the gums.

If you experience sensitivity for two consecutive days, please take one day break in between applications. If the sensitivity lasts more than three consecutive days, please contact Zenyum Whitening team.

Others –
Zenyum Bright

Short answer is yes!

If your treating dentist is within the Zenyum Partner Network, please consult your treating dentist during your next F2F consultation. You can simply put Zenyum Bright in your Invisalign aligner and smile!

If your treating dentist is not within the Zenyum partner network, please drop us an email at [email protected] – we are ready to help!
We recommend customers who are pregnant to wait till the end of their lactation period before commencing use of Zenyum Bright. Your safety and health is our top priority.
The minimum age to use Zenyum Bright is 21 years old.


Product –

A sonic toothbrush is not an electric toothbrush! There are two key distinctions that make a sonic toothbrush like Zenyum Sonic even more effective: 1) brush speed and 2) brush shape

Brush speed – Zenyum Sonic vibrates at 33,000 times per minute, which is anywhere between 5-10 times as fast as an electric toothbrush. The brush hairs themselves vibrate rather than the overall brush head rotating. This speed agitates fluids in your mouth to target hard-to-reach areas and achieve a more effective clean.

Brush shape – Zenyum Sonic has an oval brush head that lets you cover a wider surface area with each brushing motion.
Zenyum Sonic is currently available in Black and White variations. We are working on some exciting new colours so stay tuned!
Zenyum Sonic is designed together with dentists in Singapore.
The product is made in China.
Your Zenyum Sonic purchases comes with:
1 x Toothbrush body
1 x Brush head
1 x Wireless charging base
1 x USB charging cable

You’ll also get a handy guide to your Zenyum Sonic and some other goodies inside!
Zenyum Sonic orders are dispatched as soon as possible from the moment of payment, and take 1-3 working days for Singaporean customers or 3-8 working days for Malaysian customers.

To verify your order is coming, you will receive an email from Zenyum and a tracking ID from Ninja Van. Delivery times are subject to Covid 19 related delays.
Every Zenyum Sonic comes with a one year warranty in case of any issues that satisfy our Refunds & Exchanges Policy.

To activate your Sonic’s warranty, first download the Zenyum app for iOS or Android! Once you’ve done that follow these steps:

1) Sign up for an account using the same email used to make your Sonic purchase
2) Head to the ‘Activate Warranty’ section of the app
3) Review your order details and slide to activate your 1 year warranty
4) Your warranty is active! You’ll receive an email confirming the details
Dentists recommend changing your brush heads frequently to keep your toothbrush clean and your oral hygiene healthy.

With our Brush Head refill plan, simply choose how often you’d like to receive your brush heads (1-3 months) and you’ll receive them to your door. Shipping is totally free and each brush head costs a discounted $5.90 compared to buying them individually.

NB: You will be billed in conjunction with each new refill.
Yes you can! To upgrade to our Brush Head refill plan, simply email [email protected] with your request and we will activate your subscription.
If you want to change your refill frequency, your delivery address or any other details tied to your subscription, we’ve got you covered. Simply email [email protected] with your request and we will customise your subscription.
You can cancel your refill subscription any time after the first refill. To do so, simply email [email protected] with your request and we will cancel your subscription.
Absolutely, take a look at our Refunds & Exchanges Policy for all the details you need!

If you aren’t happy with your Zenyum Sonic overall, our policy also includes a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Process –

Zenyum Sonic has a smaller brush head to allow you to maneuver easier around your teeth and target hard-to-reach areas with each brush. The vibrating brush hairs allow you to move gently across your teeth for maximum effect.
When you switch on your Zenyum Sonic, pressing the + icon lets you choose between 3 custom modes:

CLEAN – “Your everyday mode” for a deep clean that tackles all the hard-to-reach areas

GENTLE – “Your new to Sonic mode” for a more gentle clean and perfect for sensitive teeth

WHITE – “ Your brighter smile mode” for a polishing effect that helps get rid of stubborn stains. Use for 30s after your normal CLEAN/GENTLE brush.
Zenyum Sonic is guaranteed to give you a brushing experience you’ll love. If it’s your first time using a sonic toothbrush, make sure of Zenyum Sonic’s GENTLE setting that is designed to help you get used to fast vibrations.

Our DuPont brush heads are also soft and engineered to be better for your gums.
Zenyum Sonic comes with a WHITE setting that helps polish your teeth and remove stubborn stains. However it’s important to note this WHITE setting won’t achieve any professional whitening effect.

If you are interested in 5 day, clinic supervised teeth whitening, head over to look at Zenyum White now!
Time to get that brushing routine right. To get started, add toothpaste to your brush head before you switch on. When you’re ready, put Zenyum Sonic in your mouth, turn it on and you’re ready to brush!
Your Zenyum Sonic will last up to 3 weeks on a single charge. Enjoy!
The three lights on your Zenyum Sonic are used to indicate the charge level.

When your toothbrush is on the charger base:
100%: All three lights are illuminated
99%-10%: The middle light will flash for 1 second every 10 seconds
Under 10%: All three lights will flash constantly

When your toothbrush is turned off:
100%-11%: No lights showing
10%-6%: All three lights flash once every second for 5 seconds (the brush still turns on)
Under 5%: All three lights flash once every second for 10 seconds (the brush does not turn on)

Others –

They can! Anyone over 5 years of age can use Zenyum Sonic, but parental supervision is always advised to ensure a gentle brushing motion.
With families in mind, we are offering a FREE Zenyum Sonic when you buy 3 of any toothbrush set. Simply add 3 Zenyum Sonics to your cart then enter the code ZENFAM to get a free toothbrush added.

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