About Us (HK-ZH)

Kindness with
Every Smile

Spurred by his own experience with conventional braces, Julian Artopé founded Zenyum in 2018, together with Frederick Krass.

Our mission is to make Asia smile more through more accessible dental treatments. The launch of our 3D-printed invisible braces marks our first step.

Based in Singapore, we’re fuelled by Asia’s vibrancy and positivity. Combining cutting-edge technology with a personalised approach, we aim to deliver optimism throughout Asia.

Harnessing the Power of
Technology for You

We’re among the fastest-expanding, digital vertical brands in the region, with a presence in 7 markets across Southeast Asia.

Backed by the legendary Sequoia Capital, we’re currently one of the hottest players in healthcare technology and Smile Cosmetics.





我們是其中一個增長速度最快的數位原生垂直品牌(Digitally Native Vertical Brand),業務已遍佈亞洲7個地區。

我們由强大紅杉資本(Sequoia Capital)的支持,成功在醫療保健技術行業和微笑產業(Smile Cosmetic)中展露鋒芒。




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